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Make Your Home an Oasis of Enjoyment

There are so many ways to enhance your lifestyle by having your home serve you—not the other way around!  Have entertainment in all your key rooms, with easy to access methods to control the whole environment as one entity.  Imagine getting comfortably positioned to watch a movie.  You press one button on a special remote control, and all of the A/V equipment sets itself to the correct settings, while your lights dim, the fan speed lowers to an inaudible level, the window coverings close and the show begins.  Don’t worry about missing someone at the front door—when the doorbell rings, you don’t move a muscle.  Your movie pauses automatically, the lights raise slightly, and the front door camera appears on the screen in front of you.  You can respond to the caller with voice and unlock the door from where you are, or just hit “resume” to ignore the door-to-door sales intrusion.

Yes, we can even automate your popcorn maker!

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